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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Son’s Rite of Passage (…17 years from now)

As mentioned in the last post, my son Roy was born by C-section at Memorial Hospital in Long Beach on December 13 2011. He was named after 3 different grandfathers on both my side and his mother’s. He was born big and healthy (10.5 lbs!) with all 10 fingers and toes. Over the last 11 months he has grown into a happy, rambunctious toddler. It has been an incredible journey, with lots of joy and wonderful moments that I will remember forever. Fortunately we have lots of pictures too!

Just before Roy was born, I procured several tins of Escudo and 4 ounces of SG Full Virginia Flake, which I jarred up and marked to be opened on 12/13/2029 (18th b-day). I also paired this with several bottles of my favorite port, to be opened in 12/13/2032 (21st b-day). Those dates seem like a million years away right now, but I know they will come quicker than I think. At least I’m prepared for his rite of passage! My father had done something similar for me (although only port, not pipe tobacco), and I’m very glad I am able to carry on the legacy for my son!

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